Portraits of people can take many forms and are used by companies on websites, in annual reports, brochures and marketing materials. The styles range from reportage or documentary photographs to more formal set piece images.

Head and shoulders photography

Head and shoulder pictures look simple and straightforward but can be deceptively hard to get right. Our shots will be properly framed, appropriately lit and uniformly presented if we are shooting more than one person. As the 'bread and butter' of corporate photography these shots serve multiple purposes. Therefore, it's essential they are strong enough to be used again and again. We can take our shots against specified backdrops or use Photoshop to insert different backgrounds and polish out minor imperfections..

Employee portrait photography

There are many styles of employee portraits, from colour to black and white, group to individual. We can recommend options that suit different budgets and requirements.


Portrait 1


Portrait 2


Portrait 3